Master of Advanced Pharmacy


Programme Overview

As healthcare rapidly evolves, the role of professionals in pharmacy is becoming more diverse and extending beyond clinical pharmacy. With the development of complex new therapies such as advanced therapy products, it is foreseen that novel transdisciplinary roles will emerge, requiring skilled candidates with concept of medication knowledge, healthcare system, drug development and more.

Aims and Objectives

The Master of Advanced Pharmacy programme aims to equip our students for essential roles in medication management and to support the evolving needs of the healthcare system and patients. This programme provides postgraduate training that students can customize to their professional needs in pharmacy practice, which may be in hospital, community, the pharmaceutical industry, or innovative transdisciplinary roles.

Programme Features

Expansive Exposure for Diverse Opportunities

This programme offers wide exposure to develop well-rounded knowledge and skills in research, critical appraisal, understanding of medicines, health systems and management, and the core topics of pharmaceutical medicine. Students create a unique skill set to advance their career and explore innovative roles to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare system.

Student-Centered Learning Experience

Each student’s career path and professional needs are unique. This programme offers students flexibility to choose courses and experiences that are suited for their professional aspirations and interests. Our programme team places the student’s learning experience at the center of curriculum design and delivery.

Local and International Perspectives

Local and international multidisciplinary experts will share their insights to give students an international perspective while ensuring the content is highly applicable in Hong Kong practice.

Practicum Experience

The practicum option offers an authentic and immersive learning experience to students. Students gain hands-on experience to refine their core knowledge, communication, teamwork, and research skills.

Connections and Networks

The Master of Advanced Pharmacy will draw in a rich pool of students and experts from various backgrounds who work at different stages of medication management. Students will learn in joint courses to build understanding between the disciplines and open new doors for collaboration.