Student Showcases and Feedback

Branson Fok
HKU Pharmacy Year 3 student

It was an unforgettable experience to be working at HIA as a pharmacy trainee. Most memorably, you get to engage ethnic minorities and local workers, who has unmet fundamental healthcare needs. Despite my short stay, the uniqueness and enjoyment of this experience comes from the diverse, creative and trans-disciplinary events that the interns were able to initiate. Lastly, my biggest takeaway was being able to understand the purpose of NGO pharmacies in HK as they play an essential role to broaden the engagement of primary care services.’


Mandy Choi
HKU Pharmacy Year 3 student

Having the opportunity to talk to the patients made me realise that giving care but not just medical advice to patients is the most important thing. Apart from answering the enquiries on their medications, listening to their complaints, and showing empathy are also essential for a pharmacist. As the knowledge from the book may not help them but only with the understanding of the patients’ situation can help solve their problems.

The summer program provided me the opportunity to talk to the patients either via phone or face-to-face means. This made me realise that the real-life situation is much more complicated than the knowledge from the lectures. The program facilitated me to search beyond the contents from the teachers and think more flexibly to provide feasible advice for the patients.

Bryan Kan
Graduate of Master of Clinical Pharmacy in 2022

The community partnership project has been a unique and fruitful experience for me. It was eye-opening to understand the perspective and needs of patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia, their caregivers and members of the patient support group. I enjoyed the active learning involved in completing this project with my teammate. Through research into this topic, processing and consolidating the findings and presenting the ideas learnt in different formats and media, I was better able to grasp the relevant knowledge rather than mere memorization. This project also offered a good opportunity to brainstorm for the research project in my Master’s programme. A big thank you to my teammate, programme team, and JCCPA staff for providing this wonderful experience.