Course List

The courses are offered subject to availability and minimum student number.

Course Code Course Name Credit
Clinical Research
MAPH7000 Evidence-Based Practice 3
MAPH7110 Geriatric & Ambulatory Care 6
MAPH7120 Oncology 6
MAPH7130 Neurology, Psychiatry, Immunology & Rheumatology 6
MAPH7140 Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Infectious Diseases 6
MAPH7150 Nephrology, Fluids & Electrolytes, Paediatrics & Pregnancy 6
MAPH7160 Cardiometabolic Disease, Respiratory & Critical Care 9
Health System and Management
MAPH7210 Primary Care and Public Health 3
MAPH7220 Health Informatics and Big Data 3
Pharmaceutical Medicine
MAPH7310 Principles of Drug Actions 6
MAPH7320 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Industry 3
MAPH7330 Regulatory Affairs - Hong Kong & Beyond 6
MAPH7340 Therapeutic Antibodies 3
MAPH7350 Clinical Trials Management 6
MAPH7360 Advanced Therapy Products 3
MAPH7370 Advanced Drug Delivery and Drug Development 6
Clinical Practice
MAPH7410 Integrated Pharmacy Practice I 6
MAPH7420 Integrated Pharmacy Practice II 6
MAPH7510 Clinical Practice Practicum 15
MAPH7520 Community Health Practicum 15
MAPH7530 Pharmaceutical Medicine Practicum 15
MAPH7540 Research Project 15