Course Materials

Bachelor of Pharmacy Programme
BPHM Bachelor of Pharmacy BPharm  Login
BPHM4142/BBMS4005  Molecular Pharmacology / Biopharmaceutical Research and Development BPharm/BBMS  Login
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences - Pharmacology Courses (BBiomedSc)
BBMS2005 Biomedical Pharmacology BBiomedSc  Login
Other Courses
PHAR3366/PHAR4612 Clinical Pharmacology BNurs/BChinMed Login
NURS7507 Microbiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Practice MSc Nurs Login
  Primary Healthcare for Pharmacists Certificate Login

Master of Advanced Pharmacy
Master of Advanced Pharmacy MAP  Login
Master of Clinical Pharmacy Programme
Master of Clinical Pharmacy MClinPharm  
Master of Medical Sciences Programme
PHAR6100 Principles of Drug Action MMedSc  Login
MMPH6127 Principles of Drug Action MMPH  Login
MAPH7310 Principles of Drug Action MAP  Login
PHAR6202 Evidence based practice MMedSc  Login
MAPH7000 Evidence based practice MAP  Login
PHAR6203 Vascular Biology and Therapeutics MMedSc  Login
MMPH6172 Advances in Vascular Biology and Therapeutics MMPH  Login
PHAR6201 Advanced Drug Delivery and Drug Development MMedSc  Login
MMPH6185 Advanced Drug Delivery and Drug Development MMPH  Login
MAPH7370  Advanced Drug Delivery and Drug Development MAP  Login
PHAR7300 Therapeutic Antibodies MMedSc  Login
MMPH6022 Therapeutic Antibodies MMPH  Login
MAPH7340 Therapeutic Antibodies MAP  Login