Lipid nanoparticles for combinatory nucleic acids delivery for cancer immunotherapy

Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacy

20 September 2023 (Wednesday)


4:00 – 5:00 pm

Professor Khuloud Al-Jamal
Professor of Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine and
Head of Medicines Development,
King's College London,
United Kingdom

Speaker biography:
Professor Khuloud Al-Jamal is the Chair of Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine and Head of Medicines Developments at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College London. She undertook her pre-registration training at University College London Hospitals. Her work focusses on developing nanomedicines to improve treatment of neurological diseases and cancer.

She is a recipient of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Science Medal, Maplethorpe Fellowship for the promotion of pharmaceutical education and excellence in research, BBSRC New Investigator Award, the Controlled Release Society Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery Focus Group Young Investigator Award. She is a three-time winner of the Wellcome Trust Science Image Awards.

She is an editorial board member for several journals such as Biomaterials Science, Scientific Reports, MedBioMed and Journal of Drug Targeting. She is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.



Seminar Room 608,
6/F William MW Mong Block,
LKS Faculty of Medicine Building,
21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam

All are welcome