Comparative analyses of gold nanorod brain uptake following intranasal administration for central nervous system disease treatment

Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacy

22 September 2023 (Friday)


3:00 – 4:00 pm

Dr Han Shunping
King’s College London,
United Kingdom

Intranasal administration is becoming increasingly more attractive as a fast delivery route to the brain for therapeutics circumventing the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Gold nanorods (AuNRs) demonstrate unique optical and biological properties compared to other gold nanostructures due to their high aspect ratio. Herein, we investigated for the first time the brain region-specific distribution of AuNRs following intranasal administration to mice using a battery of analytical and imaging techniques, and their potential as a drug delivery platform for central nervous system (CNS) therapy.

Speaker biography:
Dr Shunping Han graduated with a BSc and Master’s degree from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics. She studied another Masters at Imperial College London in Drug Discovery and Development, and graduated with a distinction. She was successful in securing the prestigious King’s-China Scholarship Council PhD studentship to continue her PhD under the supervision of Professor Khuloud Al-Jamal at King’s College London. She has extensively developed experience in various nanoparticle surface functionalisation and their in vivo tracking using multi-modal imaging systems. Her current project involves the exploration of the nose-to-brain delivery route to increase brain bioavailability of small molecules and peptides for central nervous system disease treatment.


Mrs Chen Yang Foo Oi Telemedicine Centre,
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LKS Faculty of Medicine Building,
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