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Journal Club

"Postgraduate Students Journal Club"

Postgraduate Students

“Macrophage VLDLR Mediates Obesity-induced Insulin Resistance with Adipose Tissue Inflammation"

by Mr. FUNG Wai Lun

“Nanocarrier-Mediated Chemo-Immunotherapy Arrested Cancer Progressionand Induced Tumor Dormancy in Desmoplastic Melanoma”

by Mr. LI Jingjing

“PEGylated Enhanced Cell Penetrating Peptide Nanoparticles for Lung Genetherapy”

by Ms. QIU Yingshan Carol

“Aberrant Lipid Metabolism Disrupts Calcium Homeostasis Causing Liver Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Obesity”

by Mr. ZHANG Pengcheng

From 12:30 pm
Seminar Room 3, Ground Floor,
Laboratory Block,
LKS Faculty of Medicine Building,
21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
All are welcome !
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