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Postgraduate Students Seminar

"Postgraduate Student Seminar"

Postgraduate Students

Characterization of adiponectin-expressing early thymic progenitors

by Mr. CAO Handi

Metabolomics of milk intake in Hong Kong Chinese – The Hong Kong Osteoporosis Study

by Ms. CHAU Yin Pan Pallas

Effects of apolipoprotein E deletion on the endothelium-dependent relaxation to the prostacyclin receptor agonist iloprost in the aorta of mice with ageing and high fat diet

by Ms. CHENG Yanhua Amy

Presentation title: Toll-like receptor pathway is essential in maintaining glucose homeostasis

by Mr. FUNG Wai Lun William

Formulation of inhalable voriconazole dry powders using spray drying and spray freeze-drying techniques

by Ms. LIAO Qiuying Rachel

Mitochondria and SIRT1 in Adipose tissue

by Ms. LI Dahui

Photo triggered targeting for drug delivery

by Ms. LI Yafei

Novel D-LAK peptides combinations against Mycobacteria: Bioefficacy and mechanistic studies

by Ms. MAN Kwun Wai Dede

From 9:30 am
Seminar Room 3, Ground Floor,
Laboratory Block,
LKS Faculty of Medicine Building,
21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
All are welcome !
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