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Postgraduate Students Seminar

"Postgraduate Students Seminar"

Postgraduate Students

Deletion of Rap1 promotes macrophage infiltration and foam cell formation during atherosclerosis
by Ms. CHEN Xinyi

Acute effects of ouabain on endothelium-dependent and -independent relaxations in Sprague Dawley rat aortae
by Ms. HE Chunrong Helen

Systematic review and meta-analysis of lean mass and mortality
by Ms. LEE Koon Yee Grace

Improving the KL4 peptide delivery system for pulmonary siRNA delivery
by Ms. QIU Yingshan Carol

Exchange presentation for Roche Postgraduate Research Student Prize 2016-17
Langendorff Heart System-a powerful tool for cardio study
by Ms. YING Fan Sara

From 9:30 am
Seminar Room 7, Lower Ground Floor,
Laboratory Block,
LKS Faculty of Medicine Building,
21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
All are welcome !
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