Research Postgraduates

Research Postgraduate Studies (MPhil, PhD)
Research Postgraduate Studies

Two research qualifications are offered by the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil). The research postgraduate programmes in the department are designed to prepare students to develop creative and innovative scientific aptitude. For details of the research themes of our department, please refer to our research webpage.

Outstanding applicant can also apply for the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowships (HKPF) and University Postgraduate Fellowship (UPF). Since the launch of these schemes in 2009, and our department has over 10 PhD candidates successfully graduated/ admitted through the HKPF or UPF schemes. In addition, joint PhD programmes are also offered to provide opportunities to students for enriching their international and research experiences in our prestigious partners.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students

Name of Candidate Type of Awardee Entry Year Primary Supervisor Field of Study
Yu CAI HKPF 2011 Professor Yu WANG Biomarker discovery in obesity-related metabolic & cardiovascular diseases
Yingying XU HKPF 2012 Dr Jenny KW LAM Drug Delivery
Michael YT CHOW UPF 2013 Dr Jenny KW LAM Pharmacy
Lai Yee CHEONG HKPF 2014 Professor Aimin XU Endocrinology
Tianshi FENG HKPF 2014 Professor Aimin XU Endocrinology
Yao WANG UPF 2014 Professor Aimin XU Obesity & Diabetes
Yanhua CHENG HKPF 2015 Dr Susan LEUNG Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Krista Roberta VERHOEFT HKPF 2015 Dr Vivian LUI Cancer Pharmacogenomics & Genomic Medicine
Dede KW MAN Joint PhD (KCL) 2015 Dr Jenny KW LAM Pharmaceutical Science
Jensen HC YIU HKPF 2017 Dr Connie WH WOO Immunometabolism
Joseph E BLAIS HKPF 2018 Dr Esther WY CHAN Pharmacoepidemiology & drug safety
Kaiqi LONG HKPF 2019 Dr Weiping WANG Drug Delivery
Chi Hang MAN Joint PhD (KCL) 2019 Dr Jenny KW LAM Drug Delivery
Chun Ming AU UPF 2019 Dr CL CHEUNG Precision Medicine
Harry Weijie PAN HKPF 2019 Dr Jenny LAM Drug Delivery
Katrina SN WONG HKPF 2019 Dr Aviva SF CHOW  Drug Delivery
HKPF 2019 Dr Weiping WANG Drug Delivery
M Kulsuma BEGUM HKU-PS 2020  Professor Yu WANG Cardiovascular Disease
Edmund CL CHEUNG HKPF 2020  Professor Ian CK WONG


The Department has modern well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art instrumentation and other items required for all research activities as covered by the above area. Research postgraduate students also have access to instrumentation shared with other Departments within the University. Students registered for either the PhD or MPhil are expected to carry out original research on a topic suggested by (or agreed with) their supervisor. They may also be assigned with a co-supervisor, who can offer additional help and advice as appropriate. The research work is supplemented by coursework, with the intention to provide research training to assist the students to complete their studies within their study period.

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