Prizes and Scholarships

Name/Amount/Requirements Recipient
Eisai Prize in Clinical Pharmacy - $5,000
Final year pharmacy student who has the best overall performance in Clinical Pharmacy modules
Mr Yang Chit Wai 
Jacobson Outstanding Award in Research Project - $10,000
Final year pharmacy student who has the best academic result in the laboratory-based research project (both written work and oral presentation)
Mr Cheong Ka Fai
Jacobson Prize in Pharmaceutical Science - $6,000
Best academic result in pharmaceutical industry related courses
Mr Lo Wai Hang
Mr Yang Chit Wai
Jacobson Scholarship - $6,000 each (4 prizes)
Highest year GPA in each study year
Mr Yang Chit Wai
Miss Lin Wing Kak 
Miss Chan Hau Lun 
Miss Lui Yin Chun Angel
Mannings Pharmacy Practice Subject Prizes - $5,000 each (3 prizes)
  • highest GPA in Pharmacy Practice courses
Miss Chan Sumar
Miss Chui Man Hei
Mr Lo Chun Kit Jason
Mannings’ Scholarship - $10,000
  • Successfully completed the first year of study
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or above during the first year
  • Demonstrated strong passion in Community Pharmacy
To be announced
NPS MedicineWise Australia Scholarship - $7,000
  • has excellent overall performance in their year of study in the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme;
  • has made a written submission regarding their interest in supporting primary care and implementation of behavior change in health professional through academic detailing in the Hong Kong pharmacy landscape; and
  • performs satisfactory in interview conducted by NPS.
To be announced
Pharmaceutics Laboratory Prize - $2,000
Highest performance in the laboratory practical component in the final year pharmaceutics module
Mr Yang Chit Wai
Sally Ng Ho Memorial Scholarship in Pharmacy - $10,000
  • Any year of study
  • Local student
  • Outstanding academic results
Mr Pang Chi Fung Hercules
T. F. Ng Improvement Award for Pharmacy Students - $5,000 each (3 prizes)
  • Improvement in the Year GPA (YGPA) of the academic year under consideration, over the previous academic year.
  • have taken at least the normal study load in the two academic years;
  • have achieved a YGPA of 1.7 or above in their current academic year;
  • have attained a minimum improvement of YGPA of 0.1.
Miss Chiu Ka Miu
Miss Lin Wing Kak
Miss Lim Ji Eon
The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Prize - $10,000
has attained the highest cumulative GPA in the final year of study
Mr Pang Chi Fung Hercules
The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong Prize - $2,000
  • has completed at least one year of study in BPharm Programme with a cumulative GPA 3.0 or above;
  • demonstrates leadership in pharmacy related extra-curricular activities
To be announced
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong Prize - $2,500 each (up to 4 prizes)
  • penultimate year pharmacy students
  • cumulative GPA 3.3 or above;
  • Have active participation in various activities organized by the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy and/or the three pharmacy professional societies/associations;
  • Consistently and satisfactorily demonstrate the attitude, the ability and the commitment to promote the pharmacy professions as a whole to the public and to the fellow students
To be announced