Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Rosa S.M. WONG 黃思敏


Research Assistant Professor

  • B.A, MPhil, PhD

Dr. Wong is currently a Research Assistant Professor jointly appointed by the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, and Deparment of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong. She obtained her Bacholer Degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester in the United States. She then obtained her MPhil and PhD Degrees in Pediatrics and Family Medicine at HKU.

Dr. Wong’s research work takes an ecological approach to understanding the range of psychosocial, behavioural and biological factors that influence health and wellbeing at both population and individual levels. Dr. Wong has experiese in applying both theoretical and empirical methods to develop new models in social science and public health. Her research in these areas contribute to literature on family environment and child health, health and health-related behavior promotion, physical health and screening behavior, and public health and patient outcomes.

Research Interests
  • Child and adolescent wellbeing
  • Family relationships and interactions
  • Population health
  • Digital media use

Selected Publications

  • Tung, K. T., Ho, F. K., Wong, W. H., Wong, R. S., Tsui, M. S., Ho, P., ... & Ip, P. (2021). Quantification of injury burden using multiple data sources: a longitudinal study. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 1-8.
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  • Wong RSM, Ho FKW, Tung KTS, Fu KW, Ip P. (2020). Effect of Pokémon Go on Self-Harm Using Population-Based Interrupted Time-Series Analysis: Quasi-Experimental Study. JMIR Serious Games, 8(2):e17112
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