Our contribution to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19


As healthcare professionals, pharmacists play a key role in the pandemic. Our department has significant contribution to the education, practice and research in COVID-19 and vaccine.




The Community Vaccination Centre at Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre

Education in Vaccination

To facilitate the operation of vaccination programme and the education of current and future pharmacists in Hong Kong, our department has partnered with other professional institutes and organisations to provide various vaccination training programmes.


Vaccine injection
The programs


Online Training Programme for the Reconstitution of Fosun/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Programme


Immunisation Training Programme for Registered Pharmacists



Immunisation Training Programme for Registered Pharmacists


Immunisation Workshop for BPharm Students 




Immunisation Training Programme for Undergraduate Students

Immunisation Training Programme

Immunisation Training Programme

Immunisation Workshop for BPharm Students

Immunisation Workshop for BPharm Students

Practice in Vaccination Centre

HKUMed is responsible for the Community Vaccination Centre at Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre (ALC CVC). Pharmacists from our department and our alumni help to prepare and dilute the vaccines on site.


CVC Center

The Community Vaccination Centre at Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre (ALC CVC)



The Community Vaccination Centre at Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre

ALC CVC Center

ALC CVC Center

The HKU Pharmacist Team

The HKU Pharmacist Team

Vaccination Booths

Vaccination Booths

Preparation Area

Preparation Area

Research related to COVID-19 and Vaccine

Our department is actively involved in research with COVID-19 and vaccines. We have a number of projects funded by the government to improve our understanding of the disease and the impact of the new vaccines, and the development of new medication to fight against the virus.


Research for COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Effects Response & Evaluation (CARE) 

Care Program

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A multinational big data Covid-19 Epidemiological Study on post infection Outcomes (ACESO)

  • This is a multinational study with collaborations from USA, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Korea, Finland and Netherlands to investigate the long-term outcomes of COVID-19 on individual patient as well as on population as a whole. 
    Principal Investigator: Professor Ian Wong, Funding: HK$9,691,060

Effectiveness of single and combined anti-COVID-19 drugs among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Hong Kong

  • The objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of single and combined antiviral therapies in treating hospitalized patients confirmed with COVID-19 infection in Hong Kong, measure potential effects of adjunctive drugs, and assess post-discharge adverse events among COVID-19 patients. 
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Carlos Wong, Funding: HK$482,960

The role of smoking on the regulation of ACE2-mediated infectability of COVID-19

  • The broad goal of this research is to exploit how the expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) is regulated in airway epithelia under smoking in vitro and in vivo before and after severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. Emphasis will be placed on its roles in viral replication and renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in relation to disease severity. 
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Judith Mak, Funding: HK$1,997,000

CARE Programme

CARE Programme

New Medication Development

New Medication Development

Our Researcher

Our Researcher

Big Data Research

Big Data Research

Knowledge Exchange related to COVID-19 and Vaccine
Knowledge Exchange

  • 明報 - 副刊健康版 [疫苗有空氣會攞命? 肌肉注射 不會氣泡栓塞] | View


  • 香港電台香港家書 [新冠疫苗副作用受嚴謹機制監察] | View


  • 冠狀病毒病疫苗安全監測計劃 CARE Programme | View

2019 冠狀病毒病是影響人們健康和生活的全球大流行的病毒。2019冠狀病毒病疫苗預計將在控制全球大流行中發揮重要作用。因此,在香港市民開始接種2019冠狀病毒病疫苗的同時,密切監測疫苗的安全性至關重要。全面的疫苗上巿後監測機制可以觀察到疫苗廣泛使用後的潛在異常事件。 香港大學2019冠狀病毒病疫苗安全監測計劃(CARE)是一套完善的2019冠狀病毒病疫苗安全監測機制,嚴密監測各類2019冠狀病毒疫苗已知及潛在的的異常事件,確定所有異常事件的詳細信息,並將這一監測結果及時向社會公眾公佈。此監測計劃是由香港大學藥理及藥劑學系團隊負責實行。 研究團隊誠邀首批優先接種2019冠狀病毒病疫苗的人士積極參與研究計劃, 協助研究團隊吸取經驗, 推展日後疫苗接種, 齊心打贏抗疫戰。

Publications related to COVID-19 and Vaccine


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