Master of Clinical Pharmacy 臨床藥劑學碩士課程
Master of Clinical Pharmacy

Curriculum Aims

Clinical Pharmacy is the principle practice of pharmacists in developed countries, the benefit on patients' health and outcome measures of having a clinical pharmacy service both within the hospital and community settings have been well documented. It has been recognised that there is a need to develop specialist clinical pharmacy services in Hong Kong and this Master programme will provide students with both the initiative to improve our current practice and the confidence to do this effectively.

Upon completion, students will have acquired more advanced skills in applying clinical knowledge in all areas of practice and be able to formulate effective holistic pharmaceutical care-plans for patients. Students would have developed strong awareness on medication safety and skills to critically appraise current clinical evidences in order to apply this knowledge to their evidence based practices. Furthermore, a deeper understanding of their chosen specialised clinical area would be acquired by students, preparing them to discuss current health policies/services in the specialised field, and be innovative in making practical suggestions for various health services. A strong emphasis would be placed on the importance of continuous professional learning to enable students to keep their knowledge and skills up to date in order to maintain high quality pharmaceutical care in their practice.

Curriculum Features

  • Taught by Local and Overseas Specialist Pharmacists

The Master of Clinical Pharmacy will be delivered by pharmacists that are specialist practitioners within their field of expertise. Local and overseas speakers will give lectures and tutorials either in person or via video-link to enable interactive sessions.

  • Specialised Knowledge in Clinical Pharmacy

The elective component of this Master Programme enables students to choose a course to further advance their clinical pharmacy skills. This will help them to attain specialised therapeutic knowledge within their chosen area as well as an understanding of the current/future policies and services provided in their chosen area.

  • Practice-based Approach to Learning

This programme offers a practice-based approach to learning. In the forms of case-based tutorials, ward visits and a well-equipped simulated ward, together with the strong support from the Pharmacy Department at Queen Mary Hospital (QMH), the HKU Shenzhen Hospital and other institutes, students will have better clinical exposure and learn through patient case-profiles discussions with tutors.

  • Self-Directed Learning Culture

    At the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy of the University of Hong Kong, we aim to create a self-directed learning culture in our students. We believe that these are skills that shall prepare them to cope with the ever-changing world of medicines and provide them with the leadership skills for the advancement of the pharmacy profession.

Curriculum Structure

The Master of Clinical Pharmacy degree is a part-time curriculum with the normative period of study of two years. It consists of 13 core courses (48 credits), 1 elective course (6 credits) and 1 clinical research project (15 credits). Students are required to achieve a ≥70% live attendance rate and obtain a pass in assessments (of any form) as set forth by the Board of Studies in order to attain the degree. (The curriculum structure, credit units, Regulations and Syllabus for the 2018-19 academic year are subject to the University’s approval).

Core Courses
Critical Thinking and Appraisal Skills Leadership in Health Care System
Evidence-Based Practice
Safe Medication Practice
General Clinical Pharmacy Skills Clinical Pharmacy – Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology
Clinical Pharmacy – Respiratory & Infection
Clinical Pharmacy – Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Clinical Pharmacy – Psychiatry
Clinical Pharmacy – Connective Tissues Disorders
Clinical Pharmacy – Neurology
Clinical Pharmacy – Oncology
Clinical Pharmacy – Care of the Elderly
Clinical Pharmacy – Paediatrics & Pregnancy
Clinical Pharmacy – Primary Care
Elective Courses (choose one out of three)
Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Skills Professional Practice – Care of the Elderly
Professional Practice – Oncology
Professional Practice – Paediatrics
Research Skills
Clinical Research Project


Study Schedule

Classes are usually scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays evenings, and occasionally Saturdays for tutorials, field trips and site visits.

Year 1
Core Courses (100 hours) Exam Core Courses (80 hours)
Research Project (20 hours)
(subject to the University calendar)
Dec Feb
(subject to the University calendar)
Year 2
Core Courses (80 hours)
Research Project (20 hours)
Exam Core Courses (60 hours)
Research Project (40 hours)
(subject to the University calendar)
Dec Feb
(subject to the University calendar)


To be eligible for admission, the candidate should:

  1. comply with the General Regulations; and
  2. be a registered pharmacist holding a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from this University, or from another university, or comparable institution accepted for this purpose; and
  3. be a registered pharmacist in Hong Kong; and
  4. satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination, if required.

Applications can be submitted via online application system at

The closing date for application is 12:00 noon June 6, 2019.

Application Schedule:

12:00nn June 6

Application deadline

June 15 - 21

Interviews may be arranged for some applicants

July 15

Provisional Offer

There will be an information session on 4 March 2019 (Mon), detail as follows:


Information session


4 March 2019 (Mon)


19:30 - 21:00


Seminar Room No. 7, LG1/F,
Laboratory Block, LKS Faculty of Medicine, 21 Sassoon Road,
Hong Kong SAR, China.


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Provisional Tuition Fees

2-year part-time (fees per year): HK$62, 000 (Subject to University's approval)

Enquiries and requests for more information should be directed to the General Office of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, HKU.

Tel: (+852) 3917 9025
Fax: (+852) 2817 0859