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Postgraduate Students Seminar

"Postgraduate Students Seminar"

Postgraduate Students

“AMPK activators reduce EDH-like relaxations in rat superior mesenteric arteries”

by Ms. CHEN Hui Vivian

“AKAP11 identified by GWAS and targeted resequencing regulate osteogenic mineralization”

by Mr. CHENG Ka Fai Vincent


“Inguinal lymph nodes mediate cold-induced browning of white adipose tissues by coupling sympathetic nerve to type-2 immunity”

by Ms. CHEONG Lai Yee


“The role of lactate in macrophage polarization and obesity-induced adipose tissue inflammation”

by Mr. FENG Tianshi

“Endothelial SIRT1 prevents age-induced impairment of vasodilator responses by enhancing the expression and activity of soluble guanylyl cyclase via mechanisms independent of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and nitric oxide

by Ms. GUO Yumeng


“Safety profile of antipsychotic medications in both long-term and short-term treatment”

by Mr. LAO Shijian Kim

“Physical exercise as an effective intervention for the prevention of diabetes”

by Mr. WANG Yao Max

“Toll-like receptor 5 regulates UCP1 expression and facilitates adaptive thermogenesis”

by Mr. YIU Ho Cheung Jensen


From 9:30 am
Classroom A202, 2/F, William WM Mong Block
LKS Faculty of Medicine Building
21 Sassoon Road
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
All are welcome !
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