Bachelor of Pharmacy - Prizes and Scholarships 2016-2017

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Eisai Prize in Clinical Pharmacy


  • Final year pharmacy student who has the best overall performance in Clinical Pharmacy modules

Mr Tang King Ho
Mr Yau Ka Ming

Jacobson Outstanding Award in Research Project


  • Final year pharmacy student who has the best academic result in the laboratory-based research project (both written work and oral presentation)

Mr Lai Yam Ting
Mr Li Hoi Chun

Jacobson Prize in Pharmaceutical Science


  • Best academic result in pharmaceutical industry related courses

Mr Tang King Ho

Jacobson Scholarship

$6,000 each
(4 prizes)

  • Highest year GPA in each study year

Mr Yau Ka Ming
Mr Mak Hollam
Mr Chan Tak Lok
Mr Ho Kin Hang

Mannings Pharmacy Practice Subject Prizes

$5,000 each
(3 prizes)

  • highest GPA in Pharmacy Practice courses

Mr Tang King
Ho Mr Yau Ka Ming
Miss Yung Ting

Mannings’ Scholarship


  • Successfully completed the first year of study
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or above during the first year
  • Demonstrated strong passion in Community Pharmacy

To be announced

NPS MedicineWise Australia Scholarship


  • has excellent overall performance in their year of study in the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme;
  • has made a written submission regarding their interest in supporting primary care and implementation of behavior change in health professional through academic detailing in the Hong Kong pharmacy landscape; and
  • performs satisfactory in interview conducted by NPS.

Miss Ho Victoria

Pharmaceutics Laboratory Prize


  • Highest performance in the laboratory practical component in the final year pharmaceutics module

Miss Au Wing Man

Sally Ng Ho Memorial Scholarship in Pharmacy


  • Any year of study
  • Local student
  • Outstanding academic results

Mr Li Chun Wai
Mr Li Chun Wing

T. F. Ng Improvement Award for Pharmacy Students

$5,000 each
(3 prizes)

  • Improvement in the Year GPA (YGPA) of the academic year under consideration, over the previous academic year.
  • have taken at least the normal study load in the two academic years;
  • have achieved a YGPA of 1.7 or above in their current academic year;
  • have attained a minimum improvement of YGPA of 0.1.

Miss Fung Tin Yi Crystal
Mr Tam Tsz Hei
Mr Liu Hong Yin

The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Prize


  • has attained the highest cumulative GPA in the final year of study

Mr Tang King Ho

The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong Prize


  • has completed at least one year of study in BPharm Programme with a cumulative GPA 3.0 or above;
  • demonstrates leadership in pharmacy related extra-curricular activities

Miss Hau Wing Kei

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong Prize

each (up to 4 prizes)

  • penultimate year pharmacy students
  • cumulative GPA 3.3 or above;
  • Have active participation in various activities organized by the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy and/or the three pharmacy professional societies/associations;
  • Consistently and satisfactorily demonstrate the attitude, the ability and the commitment to promote the pharmacy professions as a whole to the public and to the fellow students

Miss Hau Wing Kei
Mr Mak Hollam
Mr Tse Hei Kiu
Miss Yung Ting