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Head of Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Acting Head

Professor Anskar Y.H. LEUNG
BMedSc, PhD(CUHK), MBChB(Hons), FHKCP, FHKAM(MED), MD(HKU), FRCP(Glasgow, London, Edinburgh)
Associate Dean(Human Capital) and Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Professor in Haematology

| Email: ayhleung@hku.hk | visit Professor Leung's website |

Division of Pharmacology

Director and Chair Professor

Professor Ricky Y.K. MAN
BSc, PhD

| Email: rykman@hku.hk | visit Professor Man's website |

Chair Professor

Professor Paul M. VANHOUTTE
MD, PhD, DHC mult

| Email: vanhoutt@hku.hk | visit Professor Vanhoutte's website |


Professor Aimin XU
BMed, MSc, PhD

| Email: amxu@hku.hk | visit Professor Xu's website |

Associate Professor

Dr. Susan W.S. LEUNG
BSc(Hons), PhD

| Email: swsleung@hku.hk | visit Dr Leung's website |

Associate Professor

Dr. Judith C. W. MAK
BSc(Hons), PhD

| Email: judithmak@hku.hk | visit Dr Mak's website |

Associate Professor


| Email: yuwanghk@hku.hk | visit Dr Wang's website |

Professor Ian CK Wong

Assistant Professor

Dr. Eva H.C. TANG
BTech(Hons), PhD

| Email: evatang1@hku.hk | visit Dr Tang's website |

Dr. Eva HT Tang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Connie W.H. WOO
BSPharm, PhD

| Email: cwhwoo@hku.hk | visit Dr Woo's website |

Dr. Connie W.H. Woo

Division of Pharmacy

Director and Associate Professor

BSc, MSc, PhD

| Email: alanwor@hku.hk | visit Dr Worsley's website |


Professor Ian C.K. WONG
BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD

| Email: wongick@hku.hk | visit Professor Wong's website |

Associate Professor

Dr. George P.H. LEUNG
BPharm, PhD

| Email: gphleung@hku.hk | visit Dr Leung's website |

Assistant Professor

Dr. Esther W.Y. CHAN
BPharm(Hons), MClinPharm, PhD, GradCertPharmEc

| Email: ewchan@hku.hk | visit Dr Chan's website |

Assistant Professor

BSc(Hons), PhD

| Email: lung1212@hku.hk | visit Dr Cheung's website |

Dr. CL Cheung

Assistant Professor

Dr. Philip C.L. KWOK
BPharm(Hons), PhD

| Email: pclkwok@hku.hk | visit Dr Kwok's website |

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jenny K.W. LAM
MPharm(Hons), PhD

| Email: jkwlam@hku.hk | visit Dr Lam's website |

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vivian W.Y. LUI
BSc(Hons), PhD(Hons)

| Email: vlui002@hku.hk | visit Dr Lui's website |

Assistant Professor

Dr. W.M. TOM
BSPharm, MS PhD

| Email: wmtoma@hku.hk | visit Dr Tom's website |


Ms Phoebe W.L. CHAN
MPharm(Hons), MSc

| Email: pwlchan@hku.hk | visit Ms Chan's website |

Miss Phoebe WL Chan


Ms Jody K.P. CHU
BPharm (Hons), MClinPharm,CGP, BCPS, RPh

| Email: chukpj@hku.hk | visit Ms Chu's website |

Ms Jody K.P. Chu


Dr. May P.S. LAM

| Email: maypslam@hku.hk | visit Dr Lam's website |


Ms Eliza Y.T. TAM
BPharm, MClinPharm

| Email: eyttam@hku.hk | visit Ms Tam's website |

Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Johnny K.C. WONG
BSc, PhD

| Email: kcwong47@hku.hk | visit Dr Wong's website |

Dr. Johnny KC Wong photo
Clinical Trials Centre

Clinical Trials Pharmacist

Ms Meena W.L. AU

| Email: meena@hku.hk | visit Ms Au's website |

Ms Meena W L AU
Shenzhen Hospital

Honorary Lecturer

Ms Christina Y.K. LEUNG
BPharm, PGDip

| Email: leungyk@hku-szh.org | visit Ms Leung's website |

Ms Christina Y.K. LEUNG
Honorary staff
Honorary Professor
Professor S.R. BORNSTEIN  
Professor J.G.R. de MEY  
Professor Alan H.M. LAU  
Professor Jacobus K. F. NG  
Professor H.Z. SUN  
Honorary Associate Professor
Mr. William C.M. CHUI  
Dr. Joshua K.S. KO  
Dr. C.L. LI  
Dr. S.Y. TAM  
Dr. Warren Y.W. TSANG  
Professor Henry H.Y. TONG  
Dr. Gordon T.C. WONG  
Honorary Assistant Professor
Dr. Kathy K.W. AU YEUNG  
Dr. T.K. CHAN  
Dr. Wendy W.Y. KEUNG  
Dr. Y.S. LEUNG  
Dr. Annie F.M. SIU  
Dr. Vicki C. TSE  
Dr. William WONG  
Dr. W.L. YOON  
Honorary Tutor
Ms Amy C.Y. CHAN  
Ms Helen O.L. CHAN  
Ms Winnie W.Y. CHAN  
Mr. Vincent C.S. CHANG  
Mr. Calvin M.K. CHENG  
Mr. Dixon S.T. CHEUNG  
Mr. Vincent C.S. CHIANG  
Mr. K.L. CHIU  
Mr. Harry C. C. CHIU  
Mr. C.K. CHUNG  
Mr. H.S. KONG  
Ms Cecilia S.Y. KOO  
Ms C.C. KWOK  
Ms Stella S.Y. KWOK  
Ms Ellen O.L. LAI  
Ms Winnie W.Y. LAI  
Ms Dorothy F.Y. LAM  
Mr. K.M. LAM  
Ms Verena S.W. LAM  
Ms Agnes P.W. LAU  
Ms Camela H.Y. LEE  
Mr Bill C.W. LEUNG  
Ms Christina Y.K. LEUNG  
Ms Fidelis Y.M. LEUNG  
Ms Amanda W.M. LI  
Mr. Michael H.M. LING  
Ms N.M. LO  
Mr. Raymond W.M. MAK  
Mr. Gary W.G. NG  
Mr. Frankie P.L. SIU  
Ms Janet W.C. PANG  
Mr. Y.W. SO  
Mr. Stephen P.Y. SO  
Dr. Christine F.F. WONG
Ms Angle H.Y. WONG
Ms Pauline P.L. WONG
Mr. Howard S.Y. WONG
Ms Rosa W.Y. YAO
Mr. T.K. YIM
Mr. Elton Y.T. YIP
Office staff
Administrative Assistant II
Ms Ivy W.C. WONG | Email: iwcwong@hku.hk |
Executive Officer
Ms Mandy W.M. CHOW | Email: chowwm@hku.hk |
Secretary I
Ms Kinny Y.W. TIN | Email: kywtin@hku.hk |
Clerk I
Ms Carmen K.L. WU | Email: klwu@hku.hk |
Executive Assistant
Ms Kathy W.H. LI | Email: lkwh@hku.hk |
Ms Edith C.M. TAI | Email: edithtai@hku.hk |
Clerical Assistant
Ms Phoebe W.S. LAM | Email: pwslam@hku.hk |


Technical staff
Senior Technician
Mr. Eddie Y.K. WONG | Email: eykwong@hkucc.hku.hk |
I.T. Officer
Mr. C.F. CHAN | Email: cfchan@hku.hk |
Mr. Y.J. CHU | Email: yjchu2014@hku.hk |
Ms Y.H. CHUNG | Email: yhchung@hku.hk |
Mr. H.C. LEUNG | Email: hcleung@hku.hk |
Mr. Winston M.K. LEUNG | Email: winstone@hku.hk |
Mr. Godfrey S.K. MAN | Email: gskman@hku.hk |
Mr. Wallace H.L. SO | Email: hlso@hku.hk |
Laboratory Assistant
Ms S.H. CHAN | Email: shchane@hku.hk |
Veterinary Assistant
Mr. H. LEUNG | Email: hungleun@hku.hk |
Laboratory Attendant
Ms W. I. HO | Email: howaiiu@hku.hk |
Research staff
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Aaron C. XU | Email: xchku@hku.hk|
Dr. Dewei YE | Email: deweiye@hku.hk |
Research Associate
Mr. M.M. LI | Email: mli095@hku.hk |
Dr. Shirley X. LI | Email: sxueli@hku.hk |
Senior Research Assistant
Miss Eva Y.W. HO | Email: yeewaho@hku.hk |
Research Assistant
Dr. Shweta ANAND | Email: shweta@hku.hk |
Miss Maggie J CHEN | Email: h1094151@hku.hk |
Dr. Yolanda Y. LAN | Email: yunlan@connect.hku.hk |
Ms. Grace K.Y. LEE | Email: gracelky@hku.hk |
Mr. Y.W. LAM | Email: wa815@hku.hk|
Miss C.T. LUO | Email: cuiting@hku.hk |
Miss Carol Y.S. QIU | Email: qiuysh@hku.hk |
Honorary Research Associate
Dr. Bo BAI | Email: caveolim@connect.hku.hk |
Dr. Rachel W.S. LI | Email: lirws@hku.hk |
Dr. E.F. SONG | Email: amossong@connect.hku.hk |
Ms Lisa WONG  
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Career Opportunities
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