Professor Ian CK Wong

Head and Professor

Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacy, The University of Hong Kong

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Professor Ian CK WongHead and Professor

Professor Ian Chi Kei Wong (黃志基)
B.Pharm(Hons) Sunderland UK, MSc, PhD Manchester UK

Centre for Safe Medication Practice and Research

Honorary Fellow of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Fellow of Royal Pharmaceutical Society (UK)
Honorary Fellow of College of Pharmacy Practice (HK)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (England)
Fellow of the Academy of Life Sciences for Chinese (UK)
Registered Pharmacist (UK & HK)

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We are seeking highly organised and motivated PhD candidates for research in the areas of medication safety, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmaceutical care in children and the elderly. Candidates with a background in healthcare may have an advantage, however it is not a requirement. For further information, please email Prof Ian Wong with your CV (email:


Professor Ian Wong joined the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy in June 2011. He is Chair of the Examination Committee and Internship Committee of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of HK, and a member the Grant Review Board of the Research Council of the Food and Health Bureau.

Prior to his appointment Professor Wong was the founding director of the Centre for Paediatric Pharmacy Research, set up in 2002, at The School of Pharmacy, UCL Institute of Child Health, University of London and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

A recipient of a UK Department of Health Public Health Career Scientist Award in 2002, Professor Wong is the only pharmacist to date to have received such an award. He also received the Chemist and Druggist's Pharmacy Practice Research Medal 2004 for his research in paediatric medicines. In recognition of his work in paediatric medicines research, Professor Wong was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2011, and Fellowship of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2012.

Professor Wong has been awarded approximately £5 million in research grants as the principal applicant and approximately £33 million as a co-applicant from the UK Medical Research Council, UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, UK Economic and Science Research Council, Department of Health in England, the European Commission and the pharmaceutical industry. He was also advisor to the Department of Health in England, World Health Organisation, European Medicines Agency and the pharmaceutical industry.

Professor Wong qualified as a pharmacist in 1992 and worked at the former Medicines Control Agency (Regulatory Authority) in the Yellow Card system between 1992 and 1993. His research career in medication safety began when he took up a research pharmacist post at the David Lewis Centre for Epilepsy to investigate the safety of new antiepileptic drugs between 1994 and 1997. Professor Wong received his PhD from Manchester Medical School in 1998 for his work at the David Lewis Centre. Thereafter, he took up a Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice post at the University of Bradford in 1997, and became Senior Lecturer in 2001.

Selected media releases and communications

Professor Wong and his research associates  

Publication Highlights

• Sturkenboom MC, Verhamme KM, Nicolosi A, Murray ML, Neubert A, Caudri D, Picelli G, Sen EF, Giaquinto C, Cantarutti L, Baiardi P, Felisi MG, Ceci A, WongIC; TEDDY European Network of Excellence. (Last author)
Drug use in children: cohort study in three European countries. British Medical Journal.
Paper version: 2008;194(3):273-7.
Internet version 2008;337:a2245. doi: 10.1136/bmj.a2245.

Impact Factor: 17.215 (Rank 4) Five-year impact factor: 15.880

The paper has been cited 53 times (Scopus citation in Feb 2014)
Full-text available free online:

Funded by the European Commission via the "Better Medicines for Children Initiative" to address an important question "what type of medicines did we prescribe to children?" The first of its kind, this study identified the strengths and challenges of combining data from the UK, Italy and the Netherlands for paediatric pharmacoepidemiology research. Professor Wong initiated the idea and led the project. The methodology was developed and conducted by three European research teams. Data from more than half a million children were involved in the study. Other studies using similar methodology were subsequently published eg Pharmacological Research 2010;62(3):243-8 and Epilepsia 2010;51(5):789-96.

• McCarthy S, Asherson P, Coghill D, Hollis C, Murray M, Potts L, Sayal K, de Soysa R, Taylor E, Williams T, WongIC (corresponding author)
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: treatment discontinuation in adolescents and young adults. British Journal of Psychiatry 2009;194(3):273-7

Impact Factor: 6.619 (Rank 7) Five-year impact factor: 7.112

Full-text available free online
The paper has been cited 55 times (Scopus citation in Feb 2014)
The study was reported on the BBC website:

This was the first publication to report the cessation rate of ADHD treatments in adolescents/young adults. It was commissioned by the UK HTA to investigate the prescribing of ADHD treatment in adolescents and young adults. Professor Wong was Chief Investigator of the project and led a multidisciplinary team from four universities in developing the methodology. The original report has been peer-reviewed by the HTA. Results show that the pharmacological treatment of some patients might have been discontinued inappropriately and the authors advocated better treatment strategies. Related studies by Prof Wong were also published eg BMC Psychiatry 2012 Dec 5;12(1):219 and BMC Pediatrics 2012 Jun 19;12(1):78. BMC Health Serv Res. 2013 May 21;13:184.

• Rani F, Murray M, Byrne P, WongICK (corresponding author)
Epidemiologic features of antipsychotic prescribing to children and adolescents in primary care in the UK. Pediatrics 2008;121(5):1002-9

Impact Factor: 5.437 (Rank 2) Five-year impact factor: 5.930

The paper has been cited 65 times (Scopus citation in Feb 2014)
Full-text available free online
The study was reported on CNN and BBC websites:

This is the first study to examine antipsychotic drug prescribing in children in UK primary care and was funded by the Department of Health in England. The results indicate a significant increase in antipsychotic drug prescribing in children. Chief Investigator Professor Wong led the study that included 16,497 children and engaged the expertise of professionals in pharmacoepidemiology, psychiatry and statistics for data processing and analysis. Subsequent to the research, the Paediatric Psychopharmacology Clinical Study Group of UK Mental Health Research Network was formed and chaired by Professor Wong. Further safety studies in children were conducted by the authors eg Drug Safety 2011;34(9):773-81 and Drug Safety 2009;32(4):325-33.

• Ghaleb M, Barber N, Franklin B, WongICK.
The incidence and nature of prescribing and medication administration errors in paediatric inpatients. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2010;95(2):113-8.

Impact Factor: 3.051 (Rank 10) Five-year impact factor: 2.925

The study has been cited 59 times (Scopus citation in Feb 2014)
The study was reported on BBC websites

Led by Chief Investigator Professor Wong, this is the first multicentre study to investigate the incidence and nature of prescribing, and medication administration errors in children and involved over 100 health professionals from five hospitals. The team conducted a Delphi study to define medication errors in children prior to commencement of the project (Quality and Safety in Health Care 2005; 14(5):352-7). The results were widely reported in the media including the BBC website. As a result, Professor Wong was invited to advise the National Patients Safety Agency in paediatric medication error reduction. Further studies on medication errors reduction in children were conducted by the authors eg Quality and Safety in Health Care 2010;19(4):337-40 and Journal Health Service Research Policy 2010;15(S1):68-70.


Selected Publications

Hsia Y, Dawoud D, Sutcliffe AG, Viner RM, Kinra S, Wong IC. Unlicensed use of metformin in children and adolescents in the UK. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2012 Jan;73(1):135-139. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2125.2011.04063.x.

Ahmed U, Spyridis N, Wong IC, Sharland M, Long PF; on behalf of the improving Children's Antibiotic Prescribing UK Research Network (iCAP). Dosing of oral penicillins in children: is big child=half an adult, small child=half a big child, baby=half a small child still the best we can do? BMJ. 2011 Dec 15;343:d7803. doi: 10.1136/bmj.d7803.

Rani FA, Byrne P, Cranswick N, Murray ML, Wong IC. Mortality in Children and Adolescents Prescribed Antipsychotic Medication: A Retrospective Cohort Study Using the UK General Practice Research Database. Drug Saf. 2011;34(9):773-81.

Neubert A, Hsia Y, de Jong-van den Berg LT, Janhsen K, Glaeske G, Furu K, Kieler H, Nørgaard M, Clavenna A, Wong IC. Comparison of anti-diabetic drug prescribing in children and adolescents in seven European countries. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2011 Dec;72(6):969-77. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2125.2011.04045.x.

Ackers R, Besag FM, Hughes E, Squier W, Murray ML, Wong IC. Mortality rates and causes of death in children with epilepsy prescribed antiepileptic drugs: a retrospective cohort study using the UK General Practice Research Database. Drug Saf. 2011;34(5):403-13.

Hsia Y, Neubert A, Sturkenboom MC, Murray ML, Verhamme KM, Sen F, Giaquinto C, Ceci A, Wong IC; on behalf of the TEDDY Network of Excellence. Comparison of antiepileptic drug prescribing in children in three European countries. Epilepsia 2010;51(5):789-96.

Viner RM, Hsia Y, Tomsic T, Wong IC. Efficacy and safety of anti-obesity drugs in children and adolescents: systematic review and meta-analysis. Obes Rev 2010;11(8):593-602.

Jani Y, Barber N, Wong ICK. Paediatric dosing errors before and after electronic. Quality and Safety in Health Care 2010;19(4):337-40.

Neubert A, Verhamme K, Murray ML, Picelli G, Hsia HF, Sen FE, Giaquinto C, Ceci A, Sturkenboom M, Wong ICK. The Prescribing of Analgesics and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Paediatric Primary Care in the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Pharmacological Research 2010;62(3):243-8.

Ghaleb M, Barber N, Franklin B, Wong ICK. The incidence and nature of prescribing and medication administration errors in paediatric inpatients Arch Dis Child 2010;95(2):113-8.

RESPECT Trial Team. (Bojke C, Philips Z, Sculpher M, Campion P, Chrystyn H, Coulton S, Cross B, Morton V, Richmond S, Farrin A, Hill G, Hilton A, Miles J, Russell I, Wong IC). Cost-effectiveness of shared pharmaceutical care for older patients: RESPECT trial findings. Br J Gen Pract. 2010;60(570):20-7.

RESPECT Trial Team. (Richmond S, Morton V, Cross B, Wong IC, Russell I, Philips Z, Miles J, Hilton A, Hill G, Farrin A, Coulton S, Chrystyn H, Campton P). Effectiveness of shared pharmaceutical care for older patients: RESPECT trial findings. Br J Gen Pract. 2010;60(570):e10-9.


Contact Information

Professor Ian CK Wong

2/F, 21 Sassoon Road, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, Laboratory Block, Faculty of Medicine Building, Hong Kong SAR, China.




Institute of Child Health, University College London. Dr Deborah Christie, Dr Alastair Sutcliffe and Dr Russell Viner

Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. Professor Philip Asherson, Professor Eric Taylor

Global Research in Pediatrics (GRIP) European Network of Excellence.

Funding sources

Selected Successful External Grants in Hong Kong:

Competitive Grants:

Wong ICK, Douglas I, Ip P, Wong WWS, Coghill D. ADHD Treatments and Hospital Accident and emergency attendance aNalysis (ATHAN). Research Grant Council. Hong Kong Government (HK$308,855) 2013-2014.

Wong ICK, McGhee S, Tse VC, Kwan M, Wong C, Ip D, Chui J. Mother's preferences and willingness to pay for human papillomavirus vaccination for their daughters: a discrete choice experiment in Hong Kong. Health and Medical Research Fund Department of Health Hong Kong (HK$ 378,040) 2013-2015

Wong ICK, Deferiprone Evaluation in Paediatrics (DEEP) HK$200,000 (20,000€) European Commission FP7 grant via Universitätsklinikum Erlangen. 2011 -2014

Wong ICK, Global Research in Paediatrics (GRiP) HK$ 500,000 (50,000€) European Commission FP7 grant via University College London 2011 – 2015

• Yuen VMY, Cheuk KLD, Lam WWM, Hui WCT, ICK Wong, Irwin MG. Comparison of oral chloral hydrate and intranasal dexmedetomidine for sedation in children undergoing computerized tomography. Health and Medical Research Fund, Department of Health Hong Kong (HK$ 755,840) 2013-2014.

• Lam MPS, Cheung BMY, Wong ICK. An evaluation of the prescribing appropriateness of Hong Kong elderly and the prevalence of preventable drug related admissions to hospital. Health and Medical Research Fund, Department of Health Hong Kong (HK$ 69,990) 2013.

Other grants:

Wong ICK, Chan EWY. Scoping exercise: Pharmaceutical Services of Elderly Patients in Hong Kong. Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong. (HK$ 70,000) 2012-2013.

Wong ICK. Impact of Prevenar on the burden of disease due to otitis media in children. St George's Medical School London. (HK$470,000) 2011-2012.

Wong ICK, Lam JKW. Feasibility study of transmucosal formulation of a paediatric medication. Jacobson Pharmaceutical Company. 2012-2013 (HK$180,000).

Wong ICK, Chan EWY. Feasibility study of HerbMiners Database. HerbMiners. (HK$120,000) 2012-2013.

• Chan EW, Worsley A, Wong ICK. Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics of oral anticoagulation therapy in Hong Kong. Pfizer and BMS Pharmaceuticals. (HK$ 898,698) 2013-2014

• Chan EW, Wong ICK. Young adult patient experiences in the clinical management of ADHD in Hong Kong. Johnson & Johnson (HK) Ltd (HK$300,000) 2013-2014.